What is the Samsung DCS24?

Samsung_DS5014SThe Samsung DS5014S is the most popular keyphone that has been designed and developed by Samsung, the Korean Manufacturer. The Samsung DS5014S is the model name for the Samsung digital station 14 button keyphone and can be purchased directly from our ecommerce store. Priced at £112.50 excluding VAT, the Samsung DS5014S has been discounted by 25% off the recommended retail price. This is why the Samsung DS5014S is such an amazing keyset and not to mention our best seller.

Samsung DS5014S characteristics
The Samsung DS5014S has fourteen programmable fast dial keys with tri coloured LED status indicators. The Samsung DS5014S comes complete with a two line, thirty-two adjustable LCD (liquid crystal display) screen, which displays all call information as well as extension station names etc.


The Samsung DS5014S is available in stock – Not only do we keep Samsung DS5014S but we also have every other piece of Samsung equipment. We can provide all Samsung cards and modules (again all reduced in price).

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