What is the Samsung digital voice recorder?

samsung-digital-voice-recorderSamsung digital voice recorder software is supplied by Samsung in the form of a new range of products. The Samsung digital voice recorder is better known as the Samsung CMSVR (Call Manage-ment Software Voice Recorder) and it has been developed in such a way that it can record your ISDN30, ISDN2 or analogue trunks.

The Samsung digital voice recorder has been in development for quite a while and is the perfect telephony solution for any business who demands an extensively featured call recording package. The Samsung digital voice recorder offers a complete management solution run and managed from a single work station or server. The Samsung digital voice recorder makes storing, finding, playback and archiving of calls just a click away from a single PC.

What_is_the_Samsung_digital_voice_recorder_platIs the use of a Samsung digital voice recorder legal?
Yes! Businesses are allowed to record their customers’ calls with certain conditions. However, the major requirement of these criteria has been that every reasonable effort is made to inform all parties to a telephone conversation that it may or will be recorded. To this end the Samsung digital voice recorder also helps in training sessions as members of staff can listen back to conversations just held to see where they can improve on their call techniques.

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