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Do you know what WiFi communication will do for you?  You probably do and just wish to locate a product.  Browse our on-line store where you will see many WiFi communication products.

However, if you want find our more about WiFi communication then read on…..

The international standard for WiFi communication is 802.11.  There are numerous suffix letters after the 802.11.  This denotes the usage of the radio frequency bands for different technologies to ensure they do not create interference with each other. There are four of these suffixes: a, b, g and n.  For more detail on this please follow this link:

Do you have a Samsung OfficeServ system?  If so you’ll be able to use WiFi communication in your premises by installing a wireless access point to allow your staff to roam while still being in contact with them.

Call the Telephone Systems Direct advisors on 0800 652 8052 to talk about WiFi communication.



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