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24b_phones_are_readily_availableThe Samsung 24b (24 buttons) keyphone belongs to the DCS Euro Series, which has now been discontinued. The 24b key phone was designed by the Korean Manufacturer to work with the older PABXs.

Now that they are no longer distributed by the Wholesaler the use of the 24b has reduced. We are the UK’s number one Dealer and can still obtain 24b handsets – Therefore if you have an old PBX with 24b attached and require extra devices, or are looking to replace your existing 24b, we can be sure to help you.  The latest Samsung phones

24B hand-set features: The 24b handset is charcoal grey in colour, with a large 32 (2 x 16) character LCD display, which is just what you need as the screen displays all the information relating to your call. 24b_phones_are_readily_available_platAs you have probably guessed, there are 24 programmable keys (16 have tri-coloured LEDs while 8 are red-coloured). The 24b has a built in speakerphone and 8 fixed functionkeys providing redial, memory, DND (Do not disturb), speaker, transfer, recall, hold and answer/release. As well as all of the basic functions, the 24b has eight selectable ring-tones. The 24b can be either wall mounted or desk-mounted.

24b orders: Please ring 0800 652 8052 or place your request online via our shop.

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