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Best_WiFi_phoneChoosing the best WiFi phone for you or your business depends on a number of factors:  Do you already have a WiFi network (for laptops); Talk Time Capacity; Battery Life; Range; Features; Accessories; etc.

At Telephone Systems Direct the advisors will help you identify the best WiFi phone FOR YOU.  There is probably no best WiFi phone for everyone that’s why it’s important that we speak to you, free, over the phone on 0800 652 8052.


Best_WiFi_phone_25_OFFOne of the questions we’ll ask you prior to getting on to the question of best WiFi phone is about your existing IT infrastructure.  We wish to be 100% confident that it has layer 3 routers and switches with VoIP QOS enabled; know how many wireless access points cover your area of usage. WHY?  Because we want your experience of your WiFi phone to be unimpaired by external interference.  You’ll come back to us with problems if they do!

Best_WiFi_phone_platWe have been a Samsung Platinum accredited partner from the scheme’s start in 2002 and a reseller of their products since our formation in 1992.  Having supplied, cabled, installed, programmed, commissioned, trained on and provided after-sales services for thousands of clients across the UK – we do value our reputation.

Having been awarded the trophy as SME Reseller of the Year – we think that tells you something about us.

Please look at our video demonstrations

So to discover your best WiFi phone – call us by freephone 0800 652 8052 today.


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