wireless office headset system

wireless communication protocol

Understanding wireless communication protocol is something most of us need to understand like a hole in the head!

Fortunately the technical team at Telephone Systems Direct have experienced training courses where wireless communication protocol has been included.  These guys are required to have a working knowledge of wireless communication protocol so that when they implement wireless solutions for our clients they’ll avoid the pitfalls leading to radio black-spots and poor cell hand-over.

If you really do want to dig deeper into wireless communication protocol then try these web-sites:

Our wireless implementations are based on the award winning OfficeServ 7000 series telephony platforms.  With DECT, IPDECT and Wi-Fi extension functionality we have all bases covered.  Even mobiles can become extensions when a MOBEX solution is chosen.

The on-line catalogue gives you access to many wireless phones and headsets.  So call us on 0800 652 8052, but please don’t ask us to about explain wireless communication protocol, otherwise all you’ll get is waffle!


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