wireless sip phone

wireless sip phone

Browsing for a wireless SIP phone has obviously led you to this article.  If you wish to know about more about wireless SIP then check out: http://www.telephonesystemsdirect.co.uk/systems/3597-wireless-sip.html

However if you want a wireless SIP phone then please browse through our on-line store where there are a selection of wireless SIP phones.

Specialising in Samsung telephony products Telephone Systems Direct recommends the SMT WIP5100 and WIP6050 wireless SIP phone.  Working in compliance to the IEEE 802.11 b/g standard these devices give their users full mobility behind their OfficeServ 7000 voice server platform.

Call us on 0800 652 8052 to arrange a demonstration or to gather more information from one of our advisors.

Being a Platinum accredited partner brings you the comfort of “best-of-breed†customer experience with this product range.  Being founded in 1992 and having grown through the technologies explosion of the last decade we are well placed to implement wireless SIP phone solutions for any business.


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