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Welcome to the next article in our series of “10-things-to-consider-when-picking-phone-lines for phone systemsâ€.

Today’s topic is about Analogue Phone Lines for your phone systems.

phone_systems_004Analogue technology is what most of us have in our homes.  Think back to the old rotary and then the push-button MF dialling telephones.  It’s over this type of line that we all have our Internet access.  The speed of our connection is determined by the distance we are from the local exchange.  Those living in towns will have a greater download capability than those who live in the countryside. OK there are those who have chosen a cable provider so that they can have far higher digital speeds enabling them to watch TV and movies on demand.

But really what most of us want is to be able to ring friends and family from our house phone or business contacts through our office’s phone systems.

Having analogue-trunks in your offices purely for voice traffic should be a signal that it’s time to change.  They just don’t deliver any information.  ISDN tells you who is calling and why – there’s the Calling Line Identity that your phone systems can recognise and display on the screen of your handset; DDI numbers that give anyone who needs one a personal number so that callers get straight through to them; and the ability to divert calls to other destinations out of normal hours.

Now even those are to be out-dated by SIP trunks.  These will provide high-speed Internet-access for everyone – irrespective of where their home or office is.  You’ll not notice any difference for emails, but when uploading or downloading larger files like high quality photographs or video clips – they’ll be much quicker.

So what are we saying about these style of lines for phone systems?  Well – they aren’t as good as ISDN2 or ISDN30, BUT they will soon be transformed into Session-Internet-Protocol channels – they’ll cost more – but you’ll benefit from the extra, we think.

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