Broadband Phone Lines

Broadband_Phone_LinesBroadband phone lines send voice, data to the Internet at various download and upload speeds.

Popular consumer broadband is typically capable of transmitting 256 kilobits per second or more, starting at approximately 4 times the speed of a modem using a standard digital phone line.  We recommend the OfficeServ range to our customers as Samsung provides up-to-date technology at cost-effective prices.

We offer a 25% discount off recommended retail price – no quibble!Broadband_Phone_Lines_25_OFF

Broadband phone lines, VOIP (Voice Over IP) and analogue lines are just some of the services that we can order and provide for our customers.

Best Buy Phone Systems

Broadband_Phone_Lines_PlatBecause we are Platinum dealers our clients are safe in the knowledge that we carry the necessary stock needed to maintain their telephone systems.

For any information regarding Broadband phone lines, Conferencing, Call Management Software, VM and Record, telecoms Training or any other telecommunications enquires please dial 0800 652 8052

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