Broadband Phone Services

broadband_phone_servicesThe broadband phone services you get today are improving all the time.  The question on everybody’s minds as this article is written in July 2011 is “Should I be considering changing my broadband phone services over to SIP phone services?†broadband phone services.pdf

broadband_phone_services_-_systemsIn TelephoneSystemsDirect’s opinion upgrading your broadband phone services does depend on the type of lines you have and the bandwidth of your current broadband phone services.  If your firm uses ISDN2 and a single analogue line delivering your broadband phone services, then please wait for a few years, BUT if you have ISDN30 then we can talk to you to put you in the picture on the savings that you can potentially make as well as the changes you’ll be required to implement on your phone system to benefit from Session Internet Protocol trunks instead of broadband phone services.  You need all the facts to be able to take an informed decision.

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