Broadband Telecom

Broadband_TelecomWhat is Broadband Telecom? It is the ability to link your PABX to other sites without the cost of making a call through the PSTN (BT or other least-cost-routing operators). Your conversation is converted into IP packets so that Broadband Telecom circuits can transmit it to the destination address, where it is turned back into speech at the appropriate point before being delivered to the person at the other end.

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Broadband_Telecom_25_OFFBroadband Telecom is not free as you do have to rent a broadband line, usually on a monthly basis.  The capacity of this circuit will define the number of simultaneous conversations that can take place.  This will have a bearing on the rental charge and on its usefulness to you.

We have the expertise to guide you to the most applicable broadband telecom package for your business.

Broadband_Telecom_PlatAt Telephone Systems Direct we have supplied, installed & commissioned broadband telecom for many of our customers across the UK.

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Broadband VoIP Phone

Broadband_VoIP_PhoneAt Telephone Systems Direct we understand broadband VoIP phone usage.

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Our Broadband VoIP phone range can be browsed on our web site.  You will find models which are entry-level – those with power-over-ethernet – phones which are connected through DECT – or bluetooth technologies enabling the user to have mobility in the workplace. Some even have integral voice mail.Broadband_VoIP_Phone_OFF


As a Samsung Platinum dealer we have day-to-day experience of broadband VoIP phone requirements.  Our technicians will ensure that you have an installation capable of providing the Quality of Speech desired.Broadband_VoIP_Phone_Plat

With the advent of BT’s 21st Century Network project more of the population and businesses are being offered SIP trunks.  This is essentially a broadband pipe with a defined capacity. Your broadband VoIP phone or IP-enabled communication product will be designed to connect seamlessly for you.


Broadband VoIP

Broadband_VoIPOur Broadband VoIP experience here at Telephone Systems Direct is arguably second to none..

Broadband VoIP requires a number of items to function to your wishes.  You will need a Broadband VoIP ‘phone connected to the Internet via a home router or an IP enabled product such as in the OfficeServ 7000 range for an organisation.

Broadband_VoIP_25_OFFThis Phone System is equipped with interfaces which convert either key-phone or analogue signals into data-packets which can then be transmitted through the data network of the business and ultimately into the World Wide Web. Companies may have dispersed branches but all can be linked through Broadband VoIP.  However, the weak link in the comms will be the QOS (quality of service) facility in the routers & switches.  If this is not present then voice parcels do not get prioritised and the speech therefore suffers.

Broadband_VoIP_PlatAs a Samsung Platinum partner we’ve trained our technicians on Broadband VoIP so they understand how to install the IPenabled products into our client’s premises successfully.

If you wish to know more about Broadband VoIP or the capabilities of OfficeServ7000 series Voice-Servers, call us on 0800 652 8052.


Broadband Phone Call

Broadband_Phone_CallYour Broadband Phone Call will be utilising the Voice-over-IP technology made possible by the Internet.

Those at home will be making a broadband phone call when using Skype – those in business will be connecting through an IP-enabled comms system connected to the World Wide Web.

Broadband_Phone_Call_25_OFFChoosing the right broadband phone call package is important.  Each call uses in the region of 60Kb of your bandwidth, both upload & download.  Most domestic & introductory broadband packages will only give you an up speed of 256Kb.  This means that you can only realistically participate in 1 or 2 Broadband phone calls simultaneously.

Where you expect to make frequent usage you are recommended to have a dedicated broadband for your surfing and a seperate one for voice traffic.

Broadband_Phone_Call_PlatAs a Platinum partner we have installed many Samsung OfficeServ platforms providing VoIP capabilities for that Broadband phone call.

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Call Telephone Systems Direct on 0800 652 8052 to discuss all the aspects which affect that simple Broadband Phone Call.


Broadband Telecommunications

Broadband_TelecommunicationsBroadband Telecommunications provides businesses and home users with access into the World-Wide-Web or Internet services.  Broadband Telecommunications can be delivered to your premises by fibre optic cabling, or more normally by copper wire.

The speed of the broadband telecommunications you receive depends on the distance you are from the local exchange.  Speeds of delivery to many houses may only be 1 or 2 Megabits per second, whereas those receiving theirs  via cable networks will be benefiting from upwards of 20 Mbs.

BT’s 21st Century Network project will benefit the UK population rolling out new technology and improving broadband telecommunications for most people.


Broadband_Telecommunications_25_OFFBroadband Telecommunications upload and download capacity does come with a price so you need to know which provider has the right product for you. A Business Broadband package will reduce those sharing the bandwidth of your connection.

Broadband_Telecommunications_PlatAt Telephone Systems Direct we can offer advice on Broadband Telecommunications packages for companies.  Ring us now on 0800 6528052.


Broadband Phone Line

Broadband_Phone_LineTo benefit from voice-over-the-internet you will require a Broadband Phone Line.

Your company will probably be connected to the World Wide Web already to enable you and your staff to surf-the-net for business-related information.

Even so, you should decide whether the existing line does meet your needs.  Each VoIP session you make takes up about 60Kb of band-width.  Normal internet upload capacity is about 250Kb while download is usually at least 4 times higher.  This allows one, maybe two simultaneous voip phone calls with a low-grade broadband connection, but should you frequently use these types of communication, it is recommended that you have a dedicated Broadband Phone Line purely for voice.

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A Broadband Phone Line can be provided by any Broadband provider.  You only need a product commensurate with your expected volume of call-traffic.  Hence you can consider a lower priced offering & free up bandwidth on your current circuit.

Broadband_Phone_Line_PlatDon’t guess – ring Telephone Systems Direct on 0800 652 8052 to be advised about a more cost-effective Broadband Phone Line tariff


multi line phones

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Business Phone Numbers

Business_Phone_NumbersYour business phone numbers are extremely important to any company and the easier for customers to remember, the better.Business_Phone_Numbers_-_voip

The benefits of having ISDN2, ISDN30 or SIP lines is that you can have as many of different DDIs  (Direct Dialling Inbound) as you want.  This allows staff to have their own line to their clients, by-passing the receptionist, which makes the reception phones less hectic.

These business phone numbers are bought in blocks of 10 so the more that you buy the greater the chance of owning a memorable (Golden) one. Going down the ISDN route means that the in-bound CLI that is delivered when a customer rings in, shows the user a message in the LCD screen on their OfficeServ telephone.  This supplies the identity of the caller and which DDI they rang in on – meaning that you can appear to be operating more companies a single phone system. Basically the extension tells you how to answer that particular call – i.e.’ Good Morning Accounts’ or whichever department they happen to be in.

Business_Phone_Numbers_platWe find and order the best business phone numbers that are available in your area at the time.  We will give you choices to choose from.

To see how we can help your business ring us on 0800 652 8052 for a no obligation chat.

Business Phone Service Providers

Business phone service providers come in all sizes from the single man who works from home to the huge companies like BT that employs thousands of people. Business_Phone_Service_Providers

Business_Phone_Service_Providers_platTelephoneSystemsDirect are business phone service providers who fall in between these two categories. We are big-enough to take care of our larger accounts but still small-enough to offer a very personal service.  Hopefully when you buy a comms solution you will be happy with who you choose because, all being well, it will be a long working relationship.

Business_Phone_Service_Providers_best_buyWe feel that it is important for you to be able to speak to the same member of our team and not be passed around departments with no-one knowing you or your phone system. Where possible we also send the same engineer that installed your switch as he keeps a copy of your programming plan and remembers your phone-system and your staff.

Business_Phone_Service_Providers_25_OFFWe are Samsung Platinum dealers maintaining our customer database all over the UK

As a holder of the prestigious SME Reseller of the Year throphy you can be assured of excellect service.

To chat to us about our phone service providers support call us on
0800 652 8052

Broadband IP Phone

Broadband_IP_PhoneA Broadband IP Phone is visually the same as a standard handset but if you turn the Broadband IP Phone over you will notice that instead of having a normal RJ11 inlet it has a RJ45 power supply. This connects to a CAT5 socket which hooks up to the OfficeServ System. Calls are then routed via a local area network or a remote broadband connection.

Broadband_IP_Phone_25_OFFThe IP in Broadband IP Phone stands for Internet Protocol. More than ever we install and maintain Broadband IP Phone PBXs and specialise in Samsung as we find them superior to other manufacturers – offering great tech support and keeping on top of future comms technology.

A Broadband IP Phone has the usual features that are expected of a keyset like Conferencing, Transferring, Call Recording, Voice Mail and Auto Attendants to direct incoming traffic. The Caller Management Software is a fantastic advantage for any organisation.


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If you want to know more please dial 0800 652 8052 now.Broadband_IP_Phone_Plat