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phone_accessoriesYour phone_accessories_conference_callingone stop shop for phone accessories is TelephoneSystemsDirect
on 0800 652 8052

Our phone accessories portfolio includes headsets, both wired and cordless, handset lifters, novelty phones, adapters, CAT5 splitters (for when your socket is used and you need another phone), patch leads…….phone_accessories.pdf

phone_accessories_bluetoothphone_accessories_faxRather than bore you with loads of guff on phone accessories why don’t you dial us for free on 0800 652 8052 where our advisors will be only too happy to take your query on phone accessories and then get back to you immediately, or a few minutes later with the answer.  Let them do the phone accessories searching for you!

Telephone Systems Direct has been helping businesses with phone accessories since 1992 when it opened as a small phone_accessories_headsetsHigh Street premises in Blackburn.  It now has clients across the UK and many based in London, Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool, …. in fact all phone_accessories_cat5large towns and cities North, South, East & West.

You’ll find our phone accessories can be purchased cheaper here than elsewhere and delivered to you next working day utilising our premier courier services.  Ring us up with your credit card to hand so we can organise the immediate despatch of your phone accessories.


phone_accessories_fiber_optic_systemsPHONE ACCESSORIES = 0800 652 8052




Corded Telephone Answering Machines

It’s said that corded telephone answering machines are the poor man’s voice mail.

That’s partially true, but at TelephoneSystemsDirect we don’t mind recommending corded telephone answering machines for purchasers of very small configurations of any phone system where the benefits of a fully-blown VM would be wasted/over-kill.

At home the corded telephone answering machines are much cheaper than taking on board BT’s answering service.  These answering machines used to be purgatory to use when you had to pfaff about with mini cassette tapes.  Today’s solid state electronics means that there are no moving parts to go wrong, and far more recording time available.

corded_telephone_answering_machinesCorded_Telephone_Answering_Machin_25We’ve found that the BT Response 75 boasts many features:
Mains Supply, Message Counter and capacity full alert, Pre-recorded ‘answer-and-record or answer only’ greetings, Non-Volatile Memory: Delete selectivity, Memo facility, Skip forward / back, intercept, Wall mountable, screening, Time save, Ring selector (up to 9 rings), Remote access with security pin, 1471 function, Pause.  corded_telephone_answering_machines.pdf

This latest model is a compact but powerful answering machine and will give you all the flexibility you need to handle your various telephone messages.


At less than £30 these corded telephone answering machines take some beating.

Corded_Telephone_Answering_Machin_platContact us 0800 652 8052 where we can advise you on the numerous varieties that are on the market now.

net phone

net_phoneThe Samsung Softphone at £150 is one of the cheapest net phone applications around.  Once you’ve taken TelephoneSystemsDirect’s generous 25% discount off the manufacturer’s recommended retail price you can see this net phone is value for money.  net_phone.pdf

Allowing your workers to have a net phone on their PC clears the clutter off their desk.  Add the net phone on to their smart phone or PDA frees them to roam the premises or wider afield and remain connected.

The net phone gives the travelling executive all the features and facilities of their normal business phone wherever they are, in a hotel room, a station or airport (if there’s WiFi available).  It’s cheaper making a net phone call than with some mobile tariffs to your customers, plus you have the advantage of being able to transfer them to other colleagues easily.

net_phone_platinumFor more detail on Samsung’s net phone solutions, please contact us free on 0800 652 8052.  We are Platinum accredited for the sales and installations of the award-winning OfficeServ7000 series and have also held the prestigious SME Reseller of the Year trophy – there’s not a whole bunch of them out there – it spells out quality in communications.

That’s 0800 652 8052 for your net phone.

pstn phone

pstn_phoneIs the PSTN phone dying?  Not really.  The PSTN phone is changing shape and the way it connects.

pstn_phone_DECTIn the days of Alexander Graham Bell the PSTN phone was unique.  In the 1950s the PSTN phone was probably black and made of Bakelite.  In the swinging 60s we saw the TrimPhone PSTN phone.  pstn_phone.pdf

Since the introduction of GSM technology everything’s gone wireless.  There are homes out there without a wired PSTN phone – they use just their mobile 3G or 4G phone as their PSTN phone.

pstn_phone_noveltyAt TelephoneSystemsDirect we can offer you a bewildering array of PSTN phone models from reproduction GPO 500 series, Victorian Candlestick and novelty handsets at prices better than you’ll find in High Street shops. Our catalogue is refreshed every month with newer PSTN phone solutions appearing to help you with switching over to SIP phone lines when they appear in your area of the UK.

That’s 0800 652 8052 for a choice of PSTN phone products.

internet phone handset

internet_phone_handsetThe term “internet phone handset†is open to a wide range of interpretation.

There is a question on whether the internet phone handset is a Bluetooth USB phone handset connected through a laptop to the internet, a mobile phone that’s capable of accessing the internet through 3G or 4G services or a SIP phone handset linked to a business’s phone system,

At Telephone Systems Direct we can probably help you in your internet phone handset search as we do supply phones in all three of these categories.internet_phone_handset_from_Samsung

Firstly there is the Phonapart VoIP-USB phone for less than £20 that might be considered as the best internet phone handset due to its cheapness. Then there is the SMT-i3105 IP phone from the Samsung portfolio that compliments the BEST BUY OfficeServ7030 and OfficeServ7400 VoIP-enabled phone systems.  Finally the latest in Apple iPhones – here we don’t compete owing to the cut-throat nature of sales of this market – again there is a discussion going on suggesting that the new Android operating software will oust what was the internet phone handset leader.
internet_phone_handset.pdf                        internet_phone_handset_3100_series.pdf

So don’t guess at what’s the internet phone handset for you – call us on 0800 652 8052 to have a friendly chat.  We have been a holder of the prestigious SME Reseller of the Year trophy and allied to our Platinum accreditation with our prime supplier, this should assure you we deal with our customers exceedingly well.

sip softphone

SIP_SoftPhoneWant a sip softphone for less than £150?  At TelephoneSystemsDirect we’ll sell you a sip softphone with 25% off the manufacturer’s recommended retail price.

That’s not all, beside the sip softphone that you can load on to a PDA, laptop or desktop computer, we can specify, install and maintain a BEST BUY OfficeServ7000 series sip/voip enabled phone systems – including the SAME DISCOUNT mentioned above!

From the entry-level OfficeServ7030 to the enterprise class OfficeServ7400 (with OfficeServ7100, OfficeServ7200S and OfficeServ7200 in between) these voice servers offer a whole host of handsets besides the sip softphone.  All have sip trunks and sip extensions – just purchase the appropriate number of licences to configure your ideal system.  SIP_SoftPhone.pdf

Read more on the sip softphone in the attached PDF.  Need to chat?  Dial 0800 652 8052 where our advisors can help you with sip softphone queries.  You are ringing the right people – SME Reseller of the Year & Samsung Platinum Business Partner.

That’s FREEphone: 0800 652 8052

phone fax

Ask a teenager what a phone fax is and they’ll probably look at you blankly – well they do, don’t they?

The advent of fax technology for communicating has been superseded by email and PDF/JPEG and 3G or SIP transmission technologies.

phone_faxA phone fax was a common sight in every office but it seems that today the major use of the phone fax machine is to deliver junk faxes….and even those are falling off.

So if you haven’t got a phone fax but actually need one, then add a fax extension card to your SVMi20e voicemail rather than buying a device that’s not going to be used much.  phone_fax.pdf

0800 652 8052 connects you to the advisors at Telephone Systems Direct for a chat on phone fax.

phone fax machines

phone_fax_machinesThere are still quite a few phone fax machines around.  The manufactures like Panasonic, Samsung, Canon and Brother (not an exhaustive list) are producing very low cost home machines or multi-function phone fax machines for the office.  phone_fax_machines.pdf

However, there is nowhere near the choice in phone fax machines that there was at the turn of the century, and that’s because of email, PDF’s, JPEG’s, iPhones, SoftPhones, 3G, SIP and other similar technologies….basically there are few needs for phone fax machines today.

At Telephone Systems Direct we can sort out your phone fax machines requirements, however, don’t be surprised if we try to convince you into an alternative course of action.  We do speak frankly to our customers to ensure they do get the most appropriate advice on all their communications.

TelephoneSystemsDirect has been serving the UK business community since 1992 and in that time has been awarded the distinctions of Samsung’s Platinum accreditation and the SME Reseller of the Year.  We think with these awards you can rest assured you’ll be getting sensible guidance from us.  0800 652 8052 for phone fax machines.

panasonic kx telephone

Panasonic_KX_telephoneFor the cheapest Panasonic KX telephone ring 0800 652 8052.  Panasonic_KX_telephone_for_tda30It really is a simple as that!

Telephone Systems Direct has been installing Panasonic phone systems since 1992 – from the Panasonic A series onwards.  Each Panasonic KX telephone needs careful installation and programming for you to achieve the maximum benefit from your capital outlay.  Panasonic KX telephone.pdf

At TelephoneSystemsDirect you’re always going to be offered a good deal on your telecommunications requirements from headsets to novelty telephones, structured cabling to networked voice servers.  Our technicians travel the length and breadth of the UK bringing relief to our many and varied customers – schools, doctors’ surgeries, accountants, shop keepers, engineering firms, manufacturers……..

Panasonic_KX_telephone_for_businessNeed an additional Panasonic KX telephone?  As we said above – it’s unlikely you’ll get it cheaper elsewhere. 
Just dial 0800 652 8052 and tell our advisor what you want and they’ll arrange delivery.

Do you need your Panasonic KX telephone moving?  0800 652 8052 gets it moved swiftly.

Does your Panasonic KX telephone system require a support contract?  0800 652 8052 for terms and conditions.

digital phone

digital_phoneThe digital phone digital_phone_24dcame of age in the 1980’s after the UK telecoms market was deregulated.  The first digital phone was an office phone and was connected by four wires – two for power and control and the other pair for analogue speech.  Then the truly digital business phone with voice and signalling combined through the TDM technology arrived in the early 1990’s.

Today nearly every phone you see is digital.  Mobile, Novelty or desk sets.  They converse with DECT or IP technologies.  The dect being a radio frequency common in our homes while the second achieved fame in companies through Cisco’s IP-Office.

digital_phone_5120Since those frontier days the digital phone has transformed the way we communicate.  They’ve incorporated cameras so we can beam news around the World in seconds.

At TelephoneSystemsDirect we sell BEST BUY phone systems with a bewildering choice of digital phone models to suit everyone – from non-display handsets to Executive terminals with built in web-cams.  Here we offer the OfficeServ7000 series digital phone to our clients with 25% discounts whether it’s with the initial system purchase, or for add ons.  digital_phone.pdf

Call us on Telephone Systems Direct 0800 652 8052 for your digital phone advice.