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A free voip call is a myth!  There is always a charge.  You’ve had to purchase an IP phone or headset and computer and rent your broadband service.  So the more calls you make the closer each will be to a free voip call.

In business you can have a system extension wherever you wish in the world.  In your home, in another branch, or even in your villa in sunnier parts!  That’s the benefit that the internet brings.  By plugging in an OfficeServ SMT-i3105 you can enjoy a free voip call to any one else in your HQ.  They can dial your ext no just as easily as if you were actually at a desk in the office.


Choosing the right amount of bandwidth for any free voip call needs a bit of skill, because there will probably be two or more free voip call sessions in progress simultaneously and we know what happens when you can’t get your call when you want!  At TelephoneSystemsDirect we can assist you in finding the most cost effective “free voip call†by choosing the best package from the plethora out there.

0800 652 8052 connects you to an advisor to chat about a free voip call.

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