sip_pdfFor a SIP pdf you have landed on the right web page.  Our sip pdf tells you loads about communications including ISDN and SIP.

sip pdf


TelephoneSystemsDirect has been in the telecom business since 1992 and has seen a huge transformation in the ways in which we communicate.

In the 1990’s the integrated services digital network told us who was calling before we picked up the phone.  It was the second generation of digitised links for telecommunications – the first had been KILOstream and MEGAstream private wires linking divisions of companies.

Today BT, Cable & Wireless and Gamma Telecom are installing and delivering sip solutions across the length and breadth of the UK to implement the government’s wish that every house and firm has access to high-speed internet.  Unfortunately for the home owner in the countryside – it could be 2015 before you get it!

sip_pdf If you would like to know more about sip and what it can do for you in the way of giving you multi-media products (HD TV, Video on Demand, VoIP) then ring us on 0800 652 8052.

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