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sip_source_codeIf you’re searching on the phrase “sip source code†the author thinks you’re probably a geek!

There is a plethora of sip source code available on the net in open source format.  Choosing which sip source code to select does require a modicum of intelligence as you have to identify whether to use SIP Proxies, Linux, MacOS X, or Windows clients, then sip source code protocol stacks and libraries.  Perhaps you want sip source code for H323 – again for your client software you have the same choices as mentioned above including a sip gatekeeper.

Building your own phone system with sip source code is possible using IAX and freeSWITCH….BUT do you need to take such risks?  The OfficeServ7000 series is sip compliant and you can install it tomorrow with a 25% discount from TelephoneSystemsDirect.  Large or small your company’s size doesn’t matter as we have a platform to suit.  Entry level OfficeServ7030 to enterprise class OfficeServ7400.  The sip source code for these products has been written by the global telecommunications manufacturer Samsung Electronics.  sip_source_code.pdf

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