sip surf

Today if you want to sip surf then you need to be fortunate and live in an area where BT has rolled out its 21CN project.  That’s probably a city or large town!

To sip surf you’ll first require an ADSL circuit (that’s currently Broadband, possibly soon to be retitled Broadband2), then you will have to buy a newer router than you have now. By using sip surfing you should have faster browsing, shorter times for downloading films and music, plus the ability to watch HD TV or video on demand.

sip_surfsip surfers will initially be the younger generation who are hungry for data.  The Silver Headed sip surf-ers will slowly follow as their sons and daughters persuade them to enhance their retirement with access to all their old favourite television programmes.

In business the more important service is VoIP rather than sip surf programs.  Our award winning OfficeServ7000 series of sip surf enabled phone systems allows you to keep up-to-date and be future-proofed for your communications with your customers.  sip_systems.pdf

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