Broadband Telephony

Broadband_TelephonyBroadband Telephony can be a cost-effective Telecoms solution for organisations, wishing to get the most from their switch.

The Samsung OfficeServ range gives a complete Broadband Telephony package. Data and Voice are carried via a Broadband line.

Broadband_Telephony_25_OFFWith VOIP now working better than ever companies where 2 or more sites can be linked together to work as one unit, callers can be transferred, messages left, even Page announcements can be fed through the digital speaker integral to the phone.

Caller Management software collects statistics for analysis, e.g. answered, abandoned and duration; which Agent made or received calls including the time etc. This technology can be accessed with either a Supervisor key on a handset or a PC.

Broadband_Telephony_Plat0800 652 8052 gets you in touch with our team to chat about cheaper solutions that really benefit your organisation with no cost intersite calling – home workers & detailed analytics for improved financial control.